My Entrance to the Blogosphere

Late to the party.  Yes, I know.  As they say, better late than never!  (Yes, cliché ridden already)

I’ve been considering starting up a blog, about one of my passions, for a long time now.  The real deciding point was, should I do a WoW or Political Commentary Blog?  Both subjects occupy a large section of my life currently, so either would work well.  However, WoW is a more relaxing topic, so in an effort to avoid adding more stress to my life, here we are.

As the name suggests, this blog will primarily focus on healing in the World of Warcraft, specifically from a high-end raiding perspective.  However, I may sprinkle in some posts about general raid stuff, DPS, Tanking, etc. as I go.  Only time will tell.

Before we go any further, I’m sure some are wondering what are my qualifications as a blogger for “high-end raiding.”  Let’s first quantify “high-end.”  We are not talking Blood Legion or Vodka (whoops, more like Evodus) here.  Think more Top 100 US, than top 5 US.  Still, I think there is a major void in social media coming from those in the top 100 guilds, let alone top 5.  That lack of media is really what drove me to finally make this blog.  There are plenty of WoW blogs, podcasts, websites, and such out there; however there are nearly zero outlets coming from a “high-end” perspective.

With all of that said, it is my goal to make this blog a definitive source of knowledge, information, theorycraft, and general symposium for healers looking to improve their game.  Keeping in mind that I am not perfect (I know, shocking), please take to the comment sections of any posts and tell me how wrong I am!  Really.

The start of our journey begins now.  Welcome to the World of Healcraft.

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