5.2 PTR: 25m Normal Footage and Notes!

As I previously wrote about, I have been super busy with PTR raid testing and creating some solid video content for everyone!  As of right now, I have several hours of trash, boss, and strategy footage.  Currently, it is just raw footage with mumble audio included, nothing fancy.  However, if there is enough interest for me to edit them into video guides, I’ll do it.  So, let me know in the comment section if you are interested in that!  Without further ado:

25m Normal Tortos Footage:

Tortos Notes:

  • Health Pool seems a bit high. With 507 ilvl scaling, it took a very long time to kill him.
  • Really Annoying Fight. Horrible for hard casting ranged, preferable to multidot/mobile DPS. Prolly want like 60% ranged, 40% melee or so.
  • If you get launched into the air right as stun is about to happen, you avoid stun (probably not intended).
  • To deal with adds easy, have bat tank hold the bats next to the boss, and have melee cleave/AoE down bats. If bats are dead, melee DPS boss. Likewise, with ranged, have then focus down each turtle (one-by-one), and if there are no turtles up, DPS boss.
  • The shells can be kicked weird, so aim correctly. Also, assign kickers so we don’t waste shells. Try to kick shells through bat stack point to interrupt the boss, and getting debuff on bats (2 birds, 1 stone).
  • There is VERY little time to hardcast on boss, so cleave/multidot is essential for this guy to ever die.
  • Do not like this fight at all, just poorly designed in my opinion.

25m Normal Ji-Kun Trash [FROM HELL]:

Trash Tips:

  • Never be in front of any of this trash, unless you feel like dying.  If you are in front of the snail, it will just one-shot you.  If you are in front of a spider, you will get webbed.  Tanks maintain aggro while webbed, however they cannot be healed (still taking spider melees).  So, just have DPS break them ASAP.
  • Never, ever, ever walk over anything on the ground.  There are worm and spider “traps” that spawn trash if they are tripped.  Only walk in clear ground.
  • The worms will multiply if they hit someone with their burrow.  When they go underground, start running around so they do not hit someone when they pop up.

25m Normal Ji-Kun Footage:

Ji-Kun Notes:

  • Very interesting fight, however, we did not get enough time to properly test the boss (trash took forever).
  • You need to set up 4-5 groups of 5 people (1 healer, 4 DPS) to go kill eggs in nests when they spawn.
  • Blah

25m Normal Durumu Footage:

Durumu Notes:

  • Very fun encounter.  I personally really like how it works.
  • Move arrows out of raid, they drop puddles.  DPS get in red beam and run around killing adds, tanks in yellow, healers in blue.  Never move blue, just let heals sit and heal.
  • Knockback ground effect looks very similar to maze ground effect now.

25m Normal Magaera Trash (Mini-Boss included):

Trash Tips:

  • For big mini-boss (oxymoron), ranged need to stand at maximum range.  He does a melee range fear and stomp periodically.  Try to fear ward/totem melee so they aren’t perma feared.
  • Be careful where you engage, as fear can easily pull more mobs.

25m Normal Magaera Footage:

  • EXTREMELY under tuned, will probably be harder on live.  Hopefully.  We 2 shot it.  Really.
  • The low HP pool of the heads makes it so tank swapping/taunt offs are unnecessary (unintended).
  • Just stay loosely spread for non-rampage phase.  Move fire debuff away from raid.  You can clear red debuff with the blue debuff, however, seems unnecessary.
  • Stack up for rampage, roll raid CDs.  Rampage does more and more damage as the fight progresses, so save bigger CDs for later.
  • Even casual guilds should roll over this boss within one night of attempts.

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