Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Announced!

Early this morning, at PAX East Blizzard revealed what the secret new game is!  Hearthstone:  Heroes of Warcraft, a digital collectable card game, will be hitting PC, Mac, and Apple iPad sometime in the near future.  Although most of us here at Healcraft expected a Blizzard All-Stars announcement, Hearthstone is not too far out in left field.  This is especially true after seeing the use of an Pad in the video released (see below).  I for one, am excited to see Blizzard finally move into the mobile gaming space.  There is so much potential for mobile games to branch off from already existing franchises.  Think Pet Battles or Tillers Farming on your mobile device.  However, let’s get back to Hearthstone.

Cinematic Announcement

The cinematic.  Just what you have come to expect from any media Blizzard puts out, really well done.  Although I am still a hardcore progression raider at heart, this video got me looking forward to Hearthstone’s release.  I can definitely see myself getting my blizzard fix on my mobile device with this game.  Overall, the cinematic has really piqued my interest.

Gameplay/Developer Video

As with the cinematic, a very well produced video.  This one gives us a little look into how the game actually works, albeit briefly.  At first glance the game seems pretty standard CCG fare, although it is very hard to determine how the game will work from the short gameplay footage provided.

What Now?

Well, Blizzard is starting the “Opt-In” process in preparation for their Closed, then Open, Beta.  Click Here to opt-in for the beta with your Battle.net account.  Although this is not Healing, or directly WoW, related, we will keep you folks up to date with information and Beta testing as we move along!

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