Patch 5.3 Release Date Confirmed!

Blizzard just confirmed the release date of patch 5.3 via their WoW twitter account!  Tuesday, May 21st (This Tuesday!) will be the date that Escalation drops onto the live servers.

Also, a few things to remember for Tuesday.  You want to make sure to cap your valor on any characters you want to be raiding on.  Item upgrades will be returning, and they will be way cheaper.  If you manage to cap your valor out at 3000, you will be able to upgrade 6 pieces for 8 item levels each!  Eight item levels will now cost you 500 valor in the new patch.

Finally, feeling a bit worried about the new patch coming so soon?  Don’t worry, has your back.  We will be posting updates daily this week with information on the new patch.  In addition, we will be working on updating all of our class/healing guides to reflect the 5.3 changes.

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