Healcraft Weekly #1: Hearthstone & Healcraft v2.0

Welcome to our first episode of Healcraft Weekly!  With “Healcraft 2.0” we promised we would bring new content and features, and this is one of those new features.  We are going to start delivering video and audio content to complement our text content.  One of the first ways we are going to do this is with a weekly video show.  The show, “Healcraft Weekly”, will be a brief (10-20 minutes) video that covers some of our latest posts on the main website, announcements, WoW news, etc. while the host plays a random game.  We hope you enjoy the first episode, and be sure to give us feedback in the comment section or tweet us @Healcraft.

Note:  We understand there are some minor audio issues with episode one, and they will be correct for next week’s episode.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

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