T19: Restoration Druid Best In Slot (Part I)


Welcome to Lavathing’s Tier 19 (Part I) Best in Slot guide for Restoration Druids. This guide only accounts for gear that can be obtained from the Emerald Nightmare raid. This guide does not include The Nighthold raid or any content released in 7.1 or later. Additionally, this is an absolute best in slot list. This means there is no consideration of which boss each item drops from or potential “loot competition.” We will be releasing a progression best in slot list soon, which will prioritize gear off earlier/easier encounters.

Absolute Best in Slot*

Head: Mask of Multitudinous Eyes (Elerethe Renferal)
Neck: Blackened Portalstone Necklace (Xavius)
Shoulders: Otherworldy Leather Mantle (Il’gynoth)
Back: Evergreen Vinewrap Drape (Cenarius)
Chest: Tunic of the Grovekeeper (Cenarius)
Wrist: Dragonspur Wristguards (Dragons of Nightmare)
Hands: Dreamsculptor’s Gloves (Il’gynoth)
Waist: Forest-Lord’s Waistwrap (Cenarius)
Legs: Splotched Bloodfur Leggings (Ursoc)
Feet: Boots of Endless Betrayal (Xavius)
Ring 1: Twice-Warped Azsharan Signet (Xavius)
Ring 2: Dreadful Cyclopean Signet (Il’gynoth)
Trinket 1: Vial of Nightmare Fog (Dragons of Nightmare)
Trinket 2: Heightened Senses (Ursoc)
Life Relic: Bioluminescent Mushroom (Dragons of Nightmare)
Frost Relic: Cube of Malice (Il’gynoth)

*Due to Legion’s new Titanforge system, the items listed above may not always be your best choice of gear. If you roll a Titanforged item that is a much higher item level than one of the pieces listed above, use the higher item level gear. Item level and intellect are far more important than perfect secondary statistic optimization. If you have multiple options for gear and are unsure of what to choose, feel free to comment below or tweet me @Healcraft and I’ll be happy to help you out.


Thank you for checking out my best in slot guide for restoration druids in patch 7.0. If you have any questions or comments, please respond to this article down below or tweet me @Healcraft.


  1. Hey, so im having trouble here itemizing my trinkets for best raid throughput. Right now my choices are as follows:

    865:Vial of Nightmare Fog
    880:Cocoon of Enforced Solitude
    880:Horn of Cenarious
    885:Horn of Valor
    860: Unstable Arcanocrystal

    So that said, I was currently rocking the Vial and Cocoon for raid healing because this is what I figured was best. I am just not sure what is my best option. I was also wondering what would be my best option for Mythic+ running, as I live in those dungeons. I assumed Vial and Crystal. I appreciate any help you can give!

    Thank you very much,


  2. what would my haste be at if I were to equip all this? I’m not a numbers person but have always prioritized my haste>mastery where here you’re going crit>mast>haste

    1. The rough priority for this list is Haste>=Crit>Mastery>=Vers. The exact haste rating would vary depending on the item level of the year. You can find this out creating a profile with this gear on wowhead.com.

  3. Chrono can be ood in tough situations but if youre not carefull this item get you fast oom. Fog is rly nice as it can proc so often on every one and that give huge impact on dam soak overall.

  4. Which dungeon trinkets would you consider bis if they were of an equal item level to the Emerald Nightmare ones?

    Thinking Chrono Shard would be better than Vial of Nightmare Fog.

    1. the only one that can compare to VNF is the NF from Mythic+ Maw, everything else just has no chance. VNF is BiS by far and it has great synergy with Kara cloak due to the crit chance. NF also has cc.

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