Shadowlands Expansion Giveaway!

Healcraft is doing a big giveaway leading up to the Shadowlands launch! To celebrate the recent announcement of the release date (October 27th, 2020) and a recent uptick in website traffic, we are giving a free copy of the Shadowlands Expansion! Additionally, we will have stretch goals which will increase the size of the prize from the Base Edition all the way up to the Epic Edition! Please follow the instructions below for details on how to enter and when the winner will be determined. Good luck!

UPDATE (9/30/2020): Winner Drawn! Congratulations!


The base level of the giveaway will be a Base Edition ($39.99 value) of the Shadowlands Expansion. However, this will increase to the Heroic Edition ($59.99 value) after 50 retweets on the entry tweet. Finally, this will increase to the Epic Edition ($79.99 value) after 75 retweets. Get your friends and guildies to spread the word and increase the size of the prize!

Already have a copy of Shadowlands? Don’t worry, you can still enter for a prize! If you do not want to redeem your winnings for a copy of the expansion, we can also offer the value of the prize in Blizzard Balance.

How to Enter

In order to enter the giveaway, you simply need to make sure you are following us on twitter, and then retweet the this tweet (shown below).

Finally, our Epic Patrons (and higher) get free double entries into the giveaway. Check out our Patreon page for more of the great benefits of your generous support of our free content!

Drawing Details

The winner will be drawn on September 30th, 2020. The winner will be determined via a random drawing of retweeters via Tweetdraw. Following the the randomly selected retweet, we will verify that they are following us on twitter, and we will arrange for the Expansion Key (or Blizzard Balance equivalent) to be sent to them via Twitter DMs. If the winner is not following us on twitter, we will simply do another random selection.

Thank you for checking out our Shadowlands givieaway! While you’re waiting for the winners to be drawn, check out our newly published Restoration Shaman Raid Guide and our thoughts on Blizzard’s Problem with Healer Balance. We plan on releasing even more great content soon and throughout Shadowlands, as well as more free giveaways!

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