The Status of our Raid Guides

We have a bittersweet announcement for everyone.  We are not going to be providing full raid guides for all normal mode encounters in Throne of Thunder.  However, we are quickly working on providing full guides for all heroic mode encounters in the Throne of Thunder.  This is for a number of reasons.

Our normal mode guides were slow coming out of the gate because we had just formed the website, and were worried about more logistical issues (hosting, domain, hiring contributors, etc.) than rushing out normal mode guides.  Due to this, we are pretty behind on the normal mode guides, and we feel that spending our time on normal mode guides over the next 1-2 weeks would be a waste of time, as most of the guides would be irrelevant by then.  In addition, there are already so many normal mode guide resources out there now, but not a lot of informative and accurate heroic mode guides.  To help dig ourselves out of this hole we are in, we have decided to skip making normal mode guides and jump right to the heroic guides.  So, be expecting full heroic mode encounter guides releasing over the coming weeks.

Also, this is not setting a precedent for future tiers.  In the future we plan to have full normal and heroic guides out in a timely fashion.  It is just that the timing of our founding and the rapid progression of this tier have set us back a bit, and hopefully this move will help get us back ahead of the curve.

We apologize to any readers who were awaiting normal mode encounter guides.  But, we do have some good news for normal mode information for this tier.  We will be putting out one post summarizing all the normal mode encounters very briefly (1-2 paragraphs for each fight) in place of our full detailed encounter guides.  Hopefully this will help out some of our more casual readers who really needed our normal mode guides.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience, but we hope you stick with World of Healcraft as we have some pretty exciting things coming soon!

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