We are on Twitter!

Healcraft has joined the twitterverse!  Be sure to follow us @Healcraft to get all of our tweets!  Below we have potential ideas for our twitter account, let us know what you think!

Featured Posts

Obviously, twitter will be an excellent place to link to featured articles and important posts here at Healcraft.  This way, our readers can easily keep up to date with us on the go with their mobile twitter apps.  This will also open up a good opportunity to spread word about our great site!

Quick News Updates

Sometimes we have something we’d like to quickly share with everyone, but it does not warrant an entire post about it on the website.  Now, we can just post these short blurbs to twitter!

One-on-One Interaction

Here at Healcraft, we love interacting with our readers and the healing community.  Twitter makes this even easier!  Have a quick question about healing, a raid, etc?  Send us a tweet and we will get back to you as quickly as we can!  We read ALL tweets sent to us, so send away!

Looking forward to talking to all of you over on Twitter!  Remember to follow @Healcraft.

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