Resto Shaman Best in Slot Tier 15 List

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Hey guys, Murilo here again. Making a BiS list this tier for Resto Shaman is interesting, because there are many different ways to heal effectively and you can favor any secondary stat you want and make it work. In that sense we are in a much different place gear-wise than say a dps warrior who is only after crit, or a shadow priest who purely wants haste.

So with that in mind, I’ve tried to make the list based on what gives you the most overall stats total to play with. Most resto shamans will want a healthy amount of each stat, so I think this will be a good reference for most situations.

Obviously tailor this guide to how you play; if your 25-man guild wants you to be purely a mana battery, go for spirit in every slot; if you have your legendary meta and are taking Ancestral Swiftness and want to get to the 7613 haste breakpoint, then go for haste in every slot.

The introduction of Thunderforged gear also makes a BiS list more flexible, now it is more dependant on exactly what gear you personally have access to. For example, all ilvls being equal, legs are our best off-slot tier peice since they give us the most extra stats. However, say you have all five 522 tier peices, and 522 non-tier legs, but also a thunderforged 528 non-tier chest. The 6 ilvls might be the difference and make the chest peice a better fit.

I’ve also included multiple options in a few slots on the normal mode list, to account for availability & thunderforged-ness.   The item linked first is the overall BiS (first 2 for rings & trinkets), but the items linked after are close options stat-wise and should be used if available or thunderforged.  I also listed all 4 weapons because they are so close stat-wise; all have a gem slot, +60 intellect gem bonus, with the difference being secondary stats.  The difference is very slight between all 4, you always want to take the highest ilvl main hand weapon available. (Preferably the fist weapon since it’s best for transmog!)

Same goes for other slots, like neck & back; there are 4-5 choices each that  are very close, so even if you don’t have access to the BiS or second BiS, usually take the highest ilvl you can get.  Especially for the neck slot, the difference between Mender’s Battletags and the BiS peices is very small, and the Mender’s Battletags has no requirement other than the 1250 Valor.

For example, the 522 Lei Shen legs are better than the 522 Horridon legs; however you’ll kill Horridon much sooner than Lei Shen, so chances are good you’ll have a chance at a thunderforged set of the Horridon Legs.  And even if you get the normal Lei Shen legs, heroic Horridon shouldn’t be that far off for your guild, so they should be replaced soon.

Anyway, the point of everything above is “There are a lot of variables with personal situation & thunderforged availability, so combine this guide with your own research.”  Alright, enough yammering, time to list the shiny purples.


Head:  Faceguard of the Witch Doctor  – Twin Consorts

Neck:  Soul-Prism of Lei Shen – Lei Shen,   Necklace of the Terra-Cotta Mender – ToT Trash drop

Shoulders: Mantle of the Witch Doctor – Iron Qon

Back:  Deadly Glare Cape – Durumu,  Constantly Accelerating Cloak – Dark Animus

Chest: Tunic of the Witch Doctor – Dark Animus

Wrist: Spiritcaller Cuffs – Shado-Pan Assault Friendly, Loa-Ridden Bracers – Council

Hands:  Handwraps of the Witch Doctor – Council

Waist: Links of the Bifurcated Tongue – Megaera, Abondoned Zandalari Waterchain – ToT  Trash

Legs:   Leggings of the Violent Gale – Lei Shen, Legguards of Scintillating Scales – Horridon

Feet:  Cloud Serpent Sabatons – Crafted LW,  Ghostbinder Greatboots – Jin’rokh,

Rings: Durumu’s Captive Eyeball – Durumu, Ro’shak’s Rememberance – Iron Qon, Ring of the Shado-Pan Assault – Shado-Pan Assault Friendly

Trinkets: Lightning Imbued Chalice – Lei Shen, Horridon’s Last Gasp – Horridon,  Stolen Relic of Zuldazar – Primordius (If going for spirit heavy / mana battery build, otherwise not recomended)

Main Hand: Amun-Thoth – Council,  Ritual Dagger of the Mind’s Eye – Durumu,  Athame of the Sanguine Ritual – Dark Animus,    Torall, Rod of the Shattered Throne – Lei Shen

Off Hand:  Tortos’ Discarded Shell – Tortos,  Shield of Twinned Despair – Twin Consorts


HeadFaceguard of the Witch Doctor  – H-Twin Consorts

Neck: Soul-Prism of Lei Shen – H-Lei Shen, Passionfire Choker – H-Twin Consorts

Shoulders: Mantle of the Witch Doctor – H-Iron Qon

Back: Deadly Glare Cape – H-Durumu,  Constantly Accelerating Cloak – H-Dark Animus

Chest:  Tunic of the Witch Doctor – H-Dark Animus

Wrist:  Loa-Ridden Bracers – H-Council

Hands:  Handwraps of the Witch Doctor – H-Council

Waist: Longdraw Chain Belt – H-Ra-Den,  Links of the Bifurcated Tongue – Megaera

Legs: Leggaurds of Awakened Repair – H-Ra-Den,  Leggings of the Violent Gale – H-Lei Shen, Legguards of Scintillating Scales – H-Horridon

Feet:  World-Mote Sabatons – H-Ra-Den, Ghostbinder Greatboots – H-Jin’rokh

Rings: Ra-Den’s Evolving Signet – H-Ra-Den, Durumu’s Captive Eyeball – H-Durumu, Ro’shak’s Rememberance – H-Iron Qon

Trinkets: Lightning Imbued Chalice – H-Lei Shen, Horridon’s Last Gasp – H-Horridon

Main Hand:  Amun-Thoth – H-Council,  Ritual Dagger of the Mind’s Eye – H-Durumu,  Athame of the Sanguine Ritual – H-Dark Animus,    Torall, Rod of the Shattered Throne – H-Lei Shen

Off Hand:  Tortos’ Discarded Shell – H-Tortos,  Shield of Twinned Despair – H-Twin Consorts

There you have it, as always feel free to leave comments / corrections.  Have fun healing ;)


  1. Yeah that would be a good idea, I think the main 2 would be a spirit-heavy build and a haste-heavy one, for people going after the 7613 breakpoint.

    Thanks for pointing out the trinket thing, when I was starting this I had more choices in each normal mode slot, some with explanations like the trinkets, but ended up editing it down and missed the Shado-pan trinket :)

  2. Interesting list, Murilo. I’d love to see you expand it to discuss each gearing strat with the relevant secondary stat slant (potentially a lot of work) – you’ve pretty much listed every trinket you can get your hands on for normal mode … aside from stacking spirit, why the others? etc ;)

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