BREAKING: Heroes of the Storm Revealed as Blizzard’s MOBA

Minutes ago, Blizzard launched an official Heroes of the Storm webpage.  Heroes of the Storm was allegedly trademarked to Blizzard less than a month ago.  However, there was speculation on if the trademark was a red herring, filed falsely under Blizzard’s name, or a new franchise for the developer.  The name was unlikely to be that of the expected World of Warcraft expansion, and their other franchises’ expansions already have announced names.

Additionally, a new youtube channel appeared today, with an animated video claiming to be promotional material for Blizzard’s expected MOBA game, Blizzard All-Stars.  Chief Creative Officer of Blizzard, Rob Pardo, confirms the validity of the new “Heroes of the Storm” youtube channel:

There have been no other official press releases from Blizzard.

UPDATE (10/17/13) –  Heroes of the Storm has their own twitter account set up, be sure to follow them for more HotS news!  It is also confirmed that HotS will be at Blizzcon, potentially playable!

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