Tips & Tricks: T16 Heroic – Restoration Shaman – Part I


Hey guys! Murilo back again with a few Tips & Tricks for Siege of Orgrimmar. I’ve been looking forward to transferring all these notes to a post for a while now. I apologize for not finishing last tiers T&T article, I only did part 1. Mixture of RL and our guild just killing Ra-Den a few weeks before 5.4 launched (blame roster issues and the “stable internet boss” aka Comcast).
Anyway, as with the T&T article for T15, these are resto shaman specific things on each encounter that can help murder the boss & hopefully improve your personal performance. As always, this is all from a 25man perspective; sorry 10-man raiders. The strength of glyphs can vary greatly between 10&25 man, especially something like Glyph of Chaining that has to do with distance between players. I only have heroic experience this tier on 25 sadly.

While I did get into glyph choices, didn’t mention talents very often. I can pretty safely recommend Rushing Streams & Primal Elementalist for all of these. There are a few encounters where Ancestral Guidance is a viable option (Fallen Protectors, Norushen, Thok), but for most RS is near-impossible to beat with its combination of output, ease of use, and HST glyph debuff spreading. And even when AG is the most ideal, it still barely beats out RS.  Same with Conductivity on Thok and Unleashed Fury on Immerseus (for use on the puddles).

Going to split up SoO into 2 articles, with 7 bosses each. So on to the large, unfriendly monsters!

Heroic Immerseus

1)  First, ask your healer lead / officer to sit before anyone else does. Preferably early Tuesday afternoon. Text him/her if possible. When other people ask to sit, shout “I CALLED DIBS!”. Then, be productive in the 10-15 free minutes you now have. Congrats!

Anyway, in all seriousness …. this isn’t the most resto shaman friendly fight, or the most fun imo. A very small part of our healing toolkit actually affects the puddles, namely single target spells and Ascendance. Sadly no totem healing, no Healing Rain, not even Ancestral Awakening. Usually our best bet is single target puddle healing with RT followed by 2 Healing Surges or GHW’s.  Macro below might help to target the first puddle, riptide it and get your 2 stacks of Tidal Waves; just be sure to not hit it too early or you’ll cast riptide on another target and not have it up for the puddle.

/tar contaminated p
/cast riptide

2) Glyphing SWG is not a bad idea here, to help catch the healing buffs from the sha puddles when they get healed to full.

Heroic Fallen Protectors

1) HST glyph is mediocre on this fight, a small amount of fire / nature damage here (Inferno Strike, Corruption Shock, Noxious Poison).  It can potentially help save someone from an Inferno Strike, but honestly depends how badly you want a different glyph in its place.

2) If you use Telluric Currents like me on this fight, and a /focus macro to cast it, your focus will disappear when they bosses disappear for Desperate Measures. Use a macro instead with the bosses name, like…

/tar sun t
/cast lightning bolt

3) High amount of cleansing here, glyphing cleansing waters is a possibility if you don’t get much out of your 3rd glyph spot. It’s not a strong heal, but could very well help more than the other glyph options.

Heroic Norushen

1) For the healing trial, topping off our npc friends is the main priority, then helping with dps.  Your trial shouldn’t last longer than 30-40 seconds, so glyphing Fire Elemental for extra trial dps is one option. Personally I don’t like using it for the trial, since the 10% bonus healing is so yummy on a stacked fight, if you also decide not to use it then just drop searing and flame shock, then either Lava Burst or Lightning Bolt.  I use Lightning Bolt since I go with Telluric Currents Glyph, it’s nice to be topped off mana-wise coming out of the trial with the large healing buff. Here are two macros for use during the healing trial:

/tar Leven
/cast earth shield

/target greater corr
/cast lightning bolt

Another good strategy is to ES Leven right away, and bounce chain heals off of him, positioning yourself between the melee npc and Sun (the ranged npc).
2) Glyph HST.  Although there is only one ability to worry about that fits the fire / frost / nature category, it’s an absolutely massive one (85% of the damage I took on our last kill was from Icy Fear alone), and WELL worth glyphing HST for.

Heroic Sha of Pride

1) Recommend cleansing waters here, as HST glyph is not needed, and there are not only a lot of dispels going out, but the added little heal comes in handy when you dispel right before a swelling pride.  Mark of arrogance dispelling is very important, even if you don’t have gift of the titans. Not saying you should be dispelling on c/d, but at the very least make sure you are removing what you can right before a swelling pride goes out.  Having your healing team learn to balance the dispels with the pride gains is a key to killing this guy.


Although this isn’t resto shaman specific, wanted to share this with anyone progressing on this fight. I tried a few different methods, and our guild discussed several more for running the gauntlet, and this is by FAR the best.  Spin in the same spot as the video, and get right behind the sha-ling, following him around the perimeter. I was phased once when a wipe was called, and ended up killing the add and getting phased back out just from hitting the golden balls (I’m sure the add had DoTs on it as well, just saying).

3) Stone Bulwark lines up perfectly with the debuff from closing rifts, works very well for this fight.  AS is strong as well for swelling prides, if you have an issue surviving those.

4) When pride gets reset for the last phase, start dispelling immediately. Have other healers do this as well. You gain pride fast but should only have 1 swelling to deal with, and as long as you don’t get to 100 and get MC’d, it’s all good.

5) Nearly all shadow damage here, don’t glyph HST.

Heroic Galakras

1)  I have no tower tips, as I’ve actually never taken a turn healing the tower. This fight for me is in the same boat as Immerseus & Spoils, as I put maximum effort into sitting for them.  But on the ground, it’s a fun fight. Lots of aoe healing and a cool encounter that feels epic. Depending on how well your group protects the NPCs, and how many h-pallies you heal with, might consider putting moving earth shield around to the NPCs when they take damage. It alone isn’t a huge amount of healing, but the 20% bonus could be well worth the GCD. Especially if one of them dips low and there are tens of millions of HPs to fill up. A simple macro is:

/tar King V
/cast earth shield

2) Try to maximize your utility here, we can be very useful. Stunning with capacitor and interrupting the bad Shaman goes a long way!

Heroic Iron Juggernaut

1) Glyph HST. Do it. Fire & nature damage everywhere. 95% of the damage I took last kill was Fire or Nature.

2) Most fights, I try to get in the most amount of elementals for the 10% healing buff.  But sometimes, like this fight, the spike healing periods are so much higher than the normal periods that it’s worth holding them.  Pic below is from our most recent kill, you can clearly tell where the 2 siege phases are.  Since you’ll be using HTT and Ascendance during the Siege phases, and the normal phases are pretty ho-hum, hold everything for them.


The second siege phase starts right at 5:00, so you can use an elemental for from 0:00-1:00 and have it back up again, just remember not to wait at all. Might even consider dropping it a few seconds before the pull, since siege phase healing time so much more important than the assault phase healing time.

3)  If your group stacks up for shock pulse, or even just for the initial one, put down SLT to help stabilize before getting the large knockback.

4) Windwalk will get rid of the slow from the tar zones.

5) Astral Shift + your shield is enough to soak a crawler mine, since with a shield you have a high amount of armor. You shouldn’t be one of the primary mine defusers however, but it’s a handy trick to have in your back pocket.

Heroic Dark Shaman

1)  Personal strategy varies dramatically depending on whether you’re in the Haromm group or Kardris group. Usually raids will want absorb healers with Kardris to help deal with the Iron Prisons, but not always. I personally have always been on the Haromm side, stacking up Iron Tombs to make pretty patterns.

2) Glyph HST 100%, tons of nature & fire damage.

3) If the fight goes smoothly, you shouldn’t have to worry about the Ashen Walls. However, if you do need to run through one, Astral Shift is a large enough cooldown for you to survive. As long as you ghost wolf it through the wall as fast as possible.

There you have it guys, as always feedback is greatly appreciated! See you soon for part 2 ^.^

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