Giveaway: Natural Selection II!

natural selectionIf you are a long-time reader, you might remember a previous giveaway we did with Natural Selection II.  We ended up only giving away two of our three copies due to a lack of interest by the time the third round of the giveaway came.  However, now we are back to giveaway our last copy of NS2!  Although not Blizzard or World of Warcraft related, Natural Selection II is a fun and interesting take on the first-person shooter and real-time strategy genres.  At a basic level, it is a pseudo-FPS that pits a team of aliens versus a team of humans.   However, elements of RTS is added to the mix because each team has a player-controlled commander that can make buildings, fortifications, upgrades, and more to swing the tide of the battle.

How to Enter

Entering the giveaway is easy!  Just follow us on twitter (@Healcraft) and retweet this.  You may do this once per day for entry into the giveaway.

How Winners Determined

We will be adding everyone to a spreadsheet after they follow and retweet us.  Then, two weeks from now (4/28/14) we will use to choose a winner from the list.


  • Only one entry per day per person is allowed.  Attempts to make more entries may result in disqualification.
  • The keys are not for resale.
  • You must be following our twitter at the time winners are selected.
  • You must have a valid steam account to receive the giveaway.
  • This is a free-to-enter giveaway; any financial contributions or donations to will not result in higher chances to win.
  • staff cannot enter the giveaway.*

It is that easy!  Just follow us on twitter and retweet our announcement to enter for your free copy of Natural Selection 2!  If you have any questions regarding this giveaway please comment below or shoot us a tweet.  Good luck!

* staff refers to “full time” employees.  Part-time or freelance contributors are not barred from entry.

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