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UPDATE (7/28/15):  Due to Summon Stone’s impending closure, I’ve completely moved over my Summon Stone restoration druid guide back to here! Check it out by clicking here.


I have not posted here in quite awhile, and I’ve recieved some questions as to if I am no longer producing content for Healcraft. Thankfully, this is not the case. I still plan to produce quality content and theorycraft here as well as maintaining my guide on Summon Stone. For more information, keep reading!

For those that do not follow me on twitter, and only directly follow this website, you might not have known where I’ve been for the past few months. A few months ago I was hired by Summon Stone to write their restoration druid class guide. Summon stone now has 25 class guides live, with the remaining 9 not far behind. Originally known as Horn of Winter, we strive to be a reliable source of information that is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. We’ve been getting together the world’s best theorycrafters and top tier raiders in order to provide the community with thorough and elaborate information. Despite there being numerous well-established class communities, there’s a large amount of misinformation being spread by more popular sources and so we’re here to correct that.

The community response to summon stone has been great, and I’ve enjoyed interacting with other restoration druids on our summon stone class forums. Additionally, I’ve been working on doing 1-on-1 in-depth log reviews free of charge for anyone that asks! With all of this, in addition to real life stuff, I’ve been very busy and unable to post anything here on Healcraft. However, I am not shutting down or quitting Healcraft to exclusively work on summon stone. However, rather than maintain two copies of my restoration druid guides (one here, one on summon stone), I have a new idea for the direction of Healcraft.

I originally created as an outlet to express my opinions about healing, specifically that of restoration druids, to the community. I enjoyed writing more opinion-type articles, what I personally thought about the healing model and restoration druids, and suggestions for the developers on how to improve things. However, my frustration over the lack of accurate class and healing guides in the community lead me to almost entirely focus Healcraft on large guide posts. I personally think that the format and large public presence of summon stone fills this role better. Thus, I’m going to return Healcraft to more blog-esque articles, while still providing valuable and quality content to healers and restoration druids, in addition to maintaining my class/healing guides on summon stone. As a note, I know many of our readers enjoyed our Tips and Tricks articles for healing, and these can also be found on summon stone under the boss guides sections of most guides there.

With that said, here is the TL;DR:

  • I will continue to maintain my class and healing guides over at summon stone.
  • I will continue to make quality posts here. However, the posts here will be more blog-esque.
  • By this, I mean to expect to see articles like this on Healcraft:
    • Problems with the current healing model;
    • Problems with the state of restoration druids;
    • Opinions on future patch changes and tier bonuses for restoration druids;
    • Suggestions to developers for restoration druids and the overall healing model;
    • Theorycraft, math, and spreadsheets for healers and restoration druids;
    • And anything else that is particularly interesting.
  • Basically, not much is changing, other than I’ll be moving our “guide-y” posts over to summon stone.

Hopefully this new direction for the site is well received and helps us regain focus on (what I think) were some of our best articles and content we’ve produced. Summon stone is a better outlet for traditional guides, and I think Healcraft is better suited for opinion pieces and hard math/theorycraft. Feel free to let us know what you think about this change in the comments below or on twitter. Happy healing!


    1. I’ll be transferring my Summonstone Resto Druid guide over to here and maintaining it. (The current rdruid guide over here is out of date, so I’ll just be replacing it with my summonstone one.)

      Otherwise, the plans for this site remain the same, once I get some free time. Other than maintaining the restoration druid guide itself, I’d like to move away from writing strictly guides and do more opinion and bloggy pieces regarding healing, specifically from a resto druid perspective, along with number/spreadsheet theorycrafting.

      Overall, very sad to see summonstone go away. It was easily the best class guide website to be around since the old old Elitist Jerks back in the day. However, skullflower got a great opportunity to work at his dream job so I cannot fault him for taking it even if it meant summonstone needed to close down.

      I might even look into adding more community integration here (like forums or something?) as a central meeting place for resto druids to chat. We’ll see!

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