T18: Restoration Druid Best in Slot List

hellfire front

Welcome to Healcraft.net’s T18 Best in Slot guide for Restoration Druids! Remember, many of the choices below come down to very minor mathematical differences and in some cases small personal discretion. Additionally, this is just an absolute best in slot list. This means there is no consideration of what boss each item drops from or potential “loot competition.” We will be releasing a progression best in slot list soon, which will prioritize gear off earlier/easier encounters.

Absolute Best In Slot

Head:  Oathclaw Helm (Kormrok)
Neck:  Locket of Unholy Reconstitution (Mannoroth)
Shoulders:  Oathclaw Mantle (Xhul’horac)
Back:  Drape of Beckoned Souls (Socrethar the Eternal)
Chest:  Oathclaw Vestment (Mannoroth)
Wrist:  Manacles of the Multitudes (Fel Lord Zakuun)
Hands:  Felfinger Runegloves (Archimonde)
Waist:  Waistwrap of Banishment (Archimonde)
Legs: Oathclaw Leggings (Gorefiend)
Feet:  Oppressor’s Merciless Treads (Tyrant Velhari)
Ring:  Pompous Ceremonial Ring (Tyrant Velhari)
Weapon:  Edict of Argus (Archimonde)
Trinket 1:  Demonic Phylactery (Socrethar the Eternal)
Trinket 2*:   Unstable Felshadow Emulsion (Xhul’horac)

*I’ve seen many resto druids opting for Seed of Creation over Unstable Felshadow Emulsion on many encounters. This is almost always the incorrect choice. Seed of Creation’s “high” healing on our meter/log breakdown often leads people to believe that it is very good. However, you need to remember that Seed of Creation gives ZERO stats. This means that the healing from its proc needs to be exceptionally high to overcome the stat loss. This is generally around 23-25%+ of your total non-overhealing heals needs to be from Flourish (Seed of Creation’s proc) to overcome the stat loss. This almost never happens even during completely stacked up situations. Thus, it is not worth the stat loss. Furthermore, Unstable Felshadow Emulsion’s contribution to Leech healing is generally even higher than Flourish healing AND the trinket provides stats. However, the leech healing is not currently shown on meters or logs, so many players undervalue the leech trinket’s healing. Overall, Unstable Felshadow Emulsion is far superior to Seed of Creation in 99% of scenarios.


I hope this best in slot list has been helpful. If you spot any potential errors or have a different opinion on any of our choices, please comment below or tweet us @Healcraft! Happy Healing!


  1. FYI. Ask Mr Robot logs do a pretty good job of assigning leech healing to the source healer. I’ve been using AMR for healing logs and Warcraft logs to track DPS of if I want to drill further into data.

    Also Skada + Skada: Leech Trinket tabs (select “Healing + TL” within the addon) will give you the same information in game.

    On some fights I’ve seen my leech go over 30% of my healing but it averages around 15% to 20% on most fights.

  2. Being incredibly nitpicky with stats, i cant pick between 4 pieces of gear at the moment. The first, i have both Mythic Warforged Tyrant’s Ring and Mythic Socketed Iskar Ring, which of them would be better? I believe the tyrant one would be better because of the 11ilvls higher so more int+stam and also mastery (spirit is not really an issue) but on the other hand, the haste taladite + multistrike from iskar ring seems pretty good to. And the second one, Mythich Warforged Socketed HFA Bracers or Mythic Zakuun Bracers? Much like the ring dilemma, Zakuun bracers have +4ilvl but the other one has a socket. Thank you in advance!

  3. So currently im running leggings of eternal terror + oathclaw gaunlets (both mythic) instead of the gloves from archi. would you say going mythic tier legs (mythic) + hc archi gloves with a socket is better then doing that combo. because you basicly lose the 400+ haste from the fel lord pants and do not gain anything from the gloves cause their not higher ilvl.so its either mythic tier gloves + fel lord pants(mythic). or mythic tier gloves + hc archi gloves +socket. also would you say the leech trinket from xhul is better then seed of their both hc. or is hc seed better then hc leech.

    1. UFE (Unstable Felshadow Imulsion) is better than IG in almost every scenario. The only time I recommend taking IG is for ranking on tyrant, for a ~20mil tranquility. However, for progression and every other encounter in general, UFE is superior. In fact, just for parsing’s sake, Seed would be superior to IG on everything other than Tyrant.

      First, IG does not have better spirit than UFE. Mythic UFE has 525 spirit and Mythic IG has 376 spirit. So then we just have to compare IG’s 376 int and ~504.67 crit (IG’s average crit value: (3028*(15/90)) ). UFE on most fights will provide several million additional healing from its leech passive. 376 int will not come close to that. On most fights, ~504 crit is also not even close to that. The only exception, as mentioned above, is for ranking on Tyrant.

      Essentially, when you’re comparing the two trinkets, you have a choice between UFE which has superior spirit and a passive that can do millions of healing (with current gear, I’ve seen some pulls where I provide ~10 million leech healing via the trinket) and IG who’s only advantage is 376 int and ~504 crit. Thus, there is not really a choice, the leech healing is far superior to the stat gains provided by IG. If you’re just looking to parse and not on progression, then I suggest dropping UFE for Seed (because UFE’s millions of leech healing do not contribute towards your healing ranks).

  4. Assuming you got super lucky in a mythic dungeon on Upper Black Rock Spire — where would the 725 version of Tharbeks’ Lucky Pebble fit in on the BiS list?
    Linking it with the Legendary Ring, I’d think that it might have some serious healing output.

    1. Phylactery and UFE would still be vastly superior. Just comparing to UFE (since you should never replace Phylactery), at 700 ilvl UFE has 397 spirit and the Leech passive. At 725 ilvl Pebble has 257 spirit and the mastery active. So, even at a lower item level, UFE provides more base spirit and a far better passive. The leech passive will provide millions of healing each encounter, the mastery active will not come close to that.

  5. In the best in slot gear a lot of it is multi strike and crit and not haste mastery I was on the understanding to just stack haste and mastery is this not the case

    1. While Haste and Mastery are definitely our best stats, the tiered item levels found throughout the instance make it a bit more complicated. Essentially, you take less than ideal secondary stats in some slots because you gain a lot of intelligence, which outweighs the itemization.

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