Restoration Guide Updated + Plans for the Future of Healcraft

Our Restoration Druid guide for patch 8.3 has (finally?) been updated! While we are already very deep into the patch and the raiding tier, we hope that this can still be useful for some people still working their way through Ny’alotha.

However, the primary purpose for the update this late into the tier is to properly set us up for a strong launch into Shadowlands. Updating the entire guide from its last iteration (patch 6.2!) took a lot of work. Thankfully, the update from this patch to the pre-patch and release patch of Shadowlands should be a far less daunting task.

I plan to make a full post on our Shadowlands content plans soon, but I can talk about a few things that we are planning on releasing in the near future. First, I decided to spit the class guides into two separate pages for raiding and mythic+. This was not a consideration in the guide’s last iteration, as mythic+ content was not nearly as robust as the current release of the game. We are working on releasing a Restoration Druid Mythic+ guide ASAP for patch 8.3, which will also set us up for a quick transition to a Shadowlands update.

Furthermore, we plan on releasing more in-depth and interactive content in the coming months and throughout Shadowlands. Primarily, we want to explore doing video guides for healing tips and tricks in both raid and mythic+.

Finally, we are looking to expand our writing team to include more classes and areas of expertise. My goal is to have a fully staffed group of people to cover all aspects of healing and content for all of the healing specializations. If you have high-end raiding experience and the ability to write well in English, please feel free to DM me on twitter.

That is it for now! I look forward to announcing some more of our more exciting plans for Shadowlands in the next few months. Until then, please feel free to reach out on twitter or below in the comments section on any of our posts. Happy Healing!

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