Healcraft Status Report


UPDATE: Our restoration druid guide has been fully updated to reflect Mythic Hellfire Citadel encounters. Thanks for your patience, enjoy!

Hello! It has been awhile since my last post here on Healcraft, and I wanted to give you folks an idea of the current status of Healcraft and plans for the future.

Summer has been ridiculously busy for me this year, and unfortunately that lead to my resto druid guide being a bit out of date. As previously mentioned, I planned on having Summon Stone be the primary location of my guide content and focusing this website on being more of my personal blog/theorycraft space for those looking to dig deeper than the information my guide on Summon Stone provided. However, with Summon Stone’s closure due to Skullflower’s (Summon Stone’s owner and founder) employment at Blizzard, I moved my guide back here.

There have been a few issues. First, my 6.2 resto druid guide was written for Summon Stone prior to 6.2’s release on live servers. We were trying to provide our readers with updated guides the day 6.2 launched. Due to this, some of the information in my guide is speculation or has changed due to hotfixes and patched on the live server. The plan was to keep the guide updated alongside these hotfixes and adjust my boss encounter tips as I progressed through the instance. However, as I said above, summer has been super busy for me and sadly I was unable to keep the guide as up to date and as accurate as I want it to be.

With summer finally over, my schedule should be opening up again. With this, I plan to update my resto druid guide to reflect all of the mythic boss encounters and all hotfixes/changes that have been added to live servers since 6.2 PTR. I apologize for any information on the guide that might have been out of date since the release of 6.2, and I hope that I can avoid getting this far behind in future tiers. Additionally, I want to start regularly writing resto druid commentary and theorycraft articles again.

There you have it. That’s the plan going forward. Again, I’m sincerely sorry for not keeping my guide up to date with this tier and plan on updating it soon (something this week if all goes to plan). If you have any questions, comments, or anything else comment below or shoot me a tweet. I usually respond to tweets within an hour or two (usually faster) and really enjoy interacting with my readers and fellow healers, so please, feel free to chat with me on twitter.

Thanks for sticking with me through this turbulent summer, and I hope to be delivering some more quality healing / resto druid commentary and theorycraft soon!

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